The Foundation

Associations, as typical œmember entities?, often have a great impact on economic and social activities within their environment. They contribute to employment creation, active citizenship and democracy, provide a wide range of services, play a major role in sport activities, represent citizens interests to various public authorities and are important stakeholders in promoting and safeguarding human rights. Over the years they have made an increasing contribution to the sustainable development of Europe and should be encouraged and developed to, with respect, an even more professional life.

EFAG's mission is to create and share knowledge and experience, gathered through research and best practices, on governing associations.

Over the years we have also experienced a tremendous interest from other not for profit organizations in our approach and services. EFAG therefore has co-developed two instruments in order to support organizations in their attempt to increase performances. In the course of the years have both instruments be proven to identify effectiveness enhancing factors successfully for our clients.

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